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1. Why should I hire the The Clean Castle over a different cleaning company?

Choosing The Clean Castle you are supporting a local business. Also, we provide the highest quality of cleaning supplies, equipment, and work ethic. 

2. Do you do a background check on your employee's?

Yes! Our employment process include a background check. We are always making sure that the new employees are a perfect fit to our wonderful crew! 

3. How do you come up with a cleaning quote? 

We estimate by the size of your home and frequency of the service.


4. Do I need to be home during the cleaning service?

No! Most of our clients are working during our service, however it doesn't bother us at all if you are home. Clients who are away provide us with a code or a key which is kept in a secured box by the business owner. 

5. Are you bonded and insured? 

Yes, of course! We are bonded and insured and all of our employees are insured. 

6. How often do I need my service?

We provide: Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, move in/out one time service and seasonal deep cleaning.

7. Is it okay if I have pets?

No problem! We are pets friendly.

8. How can I learn more about your company?

You're welcome to...

-Call 1-888-666-3315

-Check our website

-or check our Facebook page @ TheCleanCastleLLC

9. How do I make a payment?

Every time when we are coming in for a cleaning service you can then by (cash or check) and if you are not at home you can leave the payment in an envelope for The Clean Castle. 


The Clean Castle FAQ



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