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Regular Cleaning

This is the cleaning to maintain your house for clients with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services.

All Rooms:

- Rooms generally straighten up*             

- Floors mopped & vacuumed

- Baseboard & molding dusted

- Cobwebs removed

- Blinds dusted

- Ceiling fan, light fixtures & vents dusted

- Windows sills wiped down

- Pictures & shelves dusted

- Furniture dusted & tops polished if needed

- Trash taken out

- We make the bed, but do we not change the sheets, unless it's under special circumstances.


- Toilets, sinks, counters, tubs & showers are wiped down, cleaned and disinfected

-Tile walls wiped

-Ceiling fan, light fixtures & vents dusted

- Floors moped & vacuumed

- Cobwebs removed 

- Blinds dusted

- Windows sills wiped down 

- Trash taken out


- Floors moped & vacuumed

- Baseboard & molding dusted 

- Cobwebs removed 

- Blinds dusted

- Windows sills wiped down 

- Kitchen appliances & surface wiped down, cleaned and sanitized

- Microwave cleaned in/out

- Counter tops cleaned & polished

- Trash taken out


- Inside the refrigerator: starting $45 (If you want to include the freezer the refrigerator needs to be unplugged)

- Inside the oven: starting $45

OR Inside the refrigerator + the oven combo $80

-Glass sliding door: standard size - one side $15, both sides $30

-Ceramic coating for your granite: starting $35

-*We don't pick up items/toys - if you need additional organization please get in touch with: thesimplifiedhomellc

-Power washing: decks, fences, siding, bricks, garages, sheds, patios, concrete, driveways contact here for a free estimate. 

Deep Cleaning

This cleaning is not required, but recommended for your first serivce, or for a one time serivce. It's a detailed version of our regular cleaning, including the additional services below. It usually takes twice the amount of time than a regular cleaning. We recommend this cleaning twice annually; once in the spring and again in the fall to prepare for holidays.

- Wood polish if needed

- Kitchen cabinets cleaned and polished (extra fee applies if inside cabinets are requested)

- Baseboards cleaned 

- Doors washed

- Upholstery Vacuumed

- Windows sills and ledgers hand wiped

- Blinds dusted

- Special polish for wood floors applied

- Using our electric tools for extra attention in all bathrooms

Move IN/OUT Projects

Our move our project is a service to get your house ready for sale or rent. We deep clean the property with extra attention to create a shiny look for a new homeowner to move in. 

Other services:

- Commercial Cleaning

- Contractions Cleanup

- Spring Cleaning

- Holiday Cleaning

Cleaning preperation


-Unfriendly dogs must be in their crate.

-Dirty dishes must be washed and put away.

-Toys/clothes put away. 

-Entry codes must be updated to enter.

-We have a list of products that we use, if you wish to go through them, we are happy to send you more information. 

All prices vary from the size of the residency and frequency to the service. There is no cost or obligation involved with the consultation. Please don't forget to familiarize yourself with The Clean Castle Policies. Don't wait, contact us today! 888-666-3315 

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