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***The Clean Castle believes that the key to a great relationship between our company and customer is a good communication. Therefore, please let us know how we can improve or change our service. Feel free to call or message us, we are always willing to answer all of your questions and resolve your concerns.



1. Before Cleaning Appointment

It’s always easier for The Clean Castle when your house is prepared for cleaning. For example, sink is emptied; toys & clothes are put away. We want to focus 100% on giving you the best cleaning service and this will help us complete all our cleaning tasks.

2. Initial Cleaning

Deep cleaning is required for new customers who have not professionally cleaned their properties for 4 weeks. We want to make sure your property is ready for maintenance.


3. Cancellations, Confirmations & Rescheduling Appointments

The Clean Castle understands how busy our customers are and as a courtesy we confirm our cleaning appointments, usually within 1-2 days before service. You are always welcome to reschedule or cancel the service, however we do require a 24 hours notice. In respect of our busy schedule, if you do not give us a 24 hours notice, then you will be responsible to pay full price for a missed appointment or late rescheduling. Also, 24 hours notice is required if there are any changes in the cleaning services that you have requested.  We want to ensure our crew is updated and prepared to clean your property.


4. Pet Policy

All of us are pet lovers, however, it is helpful and safer when your pet is secured in a cage or in another room. The Clean Castle does not take any responsibilities if your pet escapes the house, therefore, please protect your pet when we enter or leave your house. Aggressive animals must be restrained before our crew arrives.


5. Rates

Our rates are based on the size of the property and frequency of the cleaning service. When you change the frequency your service rate may decrease or increase. Adding an extra cleaning task for your cleaning service will change a rate for service. The tasks included in your price will be listed in your checklist.


6. Vacation

If service is discontinued for 4 weeks or more upon return of service deep cleaning may be required.


7. Payments

Payments by check and cash are due before or on the day of the service. If there is a late payment, we will add a late fee of 15% and if the check is returned there will be a $35 bank fee.


8. Lock Door/Alarm Issue Policy

Usually all of our clients provide us with a key or garage code (all keys and codes are protected in our locker and released only on the day of service). If you don't provide us with a key or garage code, please make sure that the alarm is unarmed before our crew arrives. In respect of our busy schedule, if we are unable to clean the house due to the alarm issue or locked door, then you will still be responsible to pay the full price. If there are delays due to these issues, your appointment will be fully charged, but we may not be able to complete all tasks of cleaning.


9. Our safety

For our health & safety we are unable to move heavy objects, such as beds, mattresses, and large furniture.

"The Clean Castle" Service Polices



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